Sunday, September 25, 2011

A few more random videos

With all the experimenting I am doing right now, I get a lot of extra content that does not fit the schedule and content of my posts. I have tons of FRAPS footage that will never see the light of day.

So I decided to put two of the better videos on YouTube.

The first video is actually related to real life progress with he engine that will make it in a tweaked form in the official engine. I am talking about grass floor progression:

Obviously, the formula needs to be tweaked for 3D. Maybe I'll add a little low poly 3D grass on top that grows in height. But the basics are sane.

The second video is a lot more random. I was experimenting with some wooden plank floors, and ended up with something like a slot machine with a lot of slots, where floor tiles keep spinning and spinning until they all eventually stop, forming a random pattern:


  1. that's so cool!

    How close are you to different heights for the terrain now?

    can we get a wall preview? ;)

  2. Well, usually when I post something I do it at least e few hours if not a day or two after I finished coding and testing.

    Long story short: some more interesting videos have been already uploaded to YouTube, they are just not public yet :).