Friday, January 13, 2012

Snapshot 2

This weekend I need to go to the town where I grew up a pick up an important member of my family: my cat. So I won't get to work during this period.

So I decided there is no use sticking to the Monday release date this time, so I'll upload snapshot 2 today. Feature wise it should be similar, but since I am missing 3 days of development it will be less polished.

Let's see the changelog, new features and key bindings.

The launcher is making its debut
In a not quite complete form:

The important part is that it has an options button:

Using this self explanatory dialog you can now more conveniently configure the game. More options will be added in the future.

Unfortunately due to cut time, the launcher is not actually a launcher. The "Launch Game" button does not work yet. In order to use it, you need to start "DHEditor.exe", click on "Options", configure to your desire, click "OK", exit the launcher and start the game manually using "DH.exe". I'll will fix this soon.

New lighting
The previous snapshot was too dark. This one is more bright. I'm really bad when it comes to lighting, so it will take several iterations to get it right.

Creation mode is starting to shape up
Last post I wrote about item deletion. To reiterate, right click somewhere and drag the mouse to define a rectangular selection area. If you right click on an uselected square and drag, you will draw a selection area. If you right click on a selected square and drag you draw an area that will unselect items inside once you release the right mouse button. You can select as any objects as you want with as many areas you want.

Press "x" to delete all selected items, even the ones that are not in view right now.

Added to this is item creation. I wanted to have the GUI ready, but read the first paragraph. So I used a quicker solution for this snapshot. Left clicking cycles though item types. Left click on an empty square to get the first item type, left click on the first to get the second and so on, until you left click on the last item type and the item gets deleted so you can start the cycle from the beginning.

First person camera
It is a little bit too early to add this camera and I'm only doing it to show off my awesome draw distance.

Press "F1" to activate the top down camera. Press "F3" to activate the first person camera. Both cameras have a tendancy to drop you in the middle of nowhere. If this happens with the first person camera you will wind up in the middle of the mountain. Use the mouse to look around until you see some objects in the distance and walk to that location. There is no collision detection so you can walk though the cliff-side/objects.

But the fun part is when you combine first person camera with creation mode. Adding object from a top down view is fine and what I want. But from first person camera: instant Minecraft! Without cubes! Well, at least a very rudimentary Minecraft.

This version was produced in a hurry and it might be buggy. But item density is lower so it should run on a wider selection of machines and stability should be increased because I greatly improved item generation. It is probably not uncrushable, but it should be pretty hard to do so. But please go for it! Crash it to hell and back and then submit detailed bug report :).

Known bugs:
  • Right clicking and going wild with the mouse sometimes fails to select/unselect a few items. Harmless.
  • Unseelcting tables causes the plates on top of tables to maintain their green selected highlighting. This is only visual, pressing "x" won't delete the plates, so the bug is harmless.

Be very careful. You are downloading something from a stranger on the Internet. If you have any suspicions or reason to be weary it is best that you leave it alone. Having up to date antivirus, antispyware and antimalware is a must. Also don't run on critical machines.

Needless to say, what you are getting is provided as is without any warranty. You are solely responsible from any damage caused by the use or misuse, accidental or intentional of this software. By downloading you agree to these terms. If you don't, don't download.

The package is copyrighted to the Flavor Of The Month Group, the development group responsible with the creation of the package. And to DwarvesH with several incarnations across  different social media. A full list of members, materials and said aliases/incarnations is not necessary at this moment but will be provided.

Download link: Dwarves & Holes (0.2-snapshot002)


  1. Antivirus accused a trojan in DH.exe. What gives?

    1. Have no idea. Not intentional!

      Could you please give me the name of the Antivirus so I can see what it reports?

    2. Avira. Reports it as a TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen2 trojan.

    3. Thank! I see there is a free version available. I'll try to install that and see what it reports.

  2. WOW! This is great what you upload this version of dwarvesH!
    Finally I can test it for long time)

    First is about selecting objects. If I right-clicking and drag mouse, I select many objects, but before I again right clicking selecting field is not completed and I can`t scroll the screen by arrow. May be needed complete selecting if I drop the right button?

    1. Great! With weekly updates ans a little help with tracking down bugs I'll be able to push out a working version in no time!

      As for right click selection, while you are holding down the button you can't scroll or adjust camera. I realize this is minor annoyance, but there were weird bugs when you started selecting in a corner and then scrolled and let go of the mouse in a very distant section.

      Bu selection is cumulative. If you do one selection, a second one will not override the first. The operation done is reunion, so can create complex selection patterns if you want.

    2. I thought as much, what this is especially feature)

  3. And levelling does not working :(
    I just press , or . but no effect

    1. Between snapshot 1 and 2 I disabled legacy keyboard shortcuts because people were having problems testing: they ended up pressing one of the many keyboard shortcuts the 2D version had.

      , and . were collateral damage. They'll be back. Weekly snapshots...