Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snapshot 3 is up!

Yes it is!

Approval went though OK, but I don't know exactly what they do with an upload. Could be anything from a cursory glance at the description to a virus scan to an extremely thorough test and in a few hours I am going to get the most comprehensive and complete bug report collection from my entire career as a programmer from the IndieDB staff. I am OK with all variants except the first one :). Anyway, I checked with Avira for viruses. Indeed, snapshot 2 seems to have been infected with a trojan but my system is not infected, so I guess that the infection took place on the way from my dev computer to the MegaUpload upload. Mega!

Don't have any feedback yet and I hope that everything works smooth. I had to upload twice. Remember when I had the strange bug of FRAPS not working with DirectX and horribly crashing OpenGL. Well, it was back and present in my first upload. I think I tracked it down to mixing a MSC9 compiled DH with the Irrlicht.dll from the official repository. Compiling with MSC8 fixes the problems and FRAPS is working again and I have no random crashes.

I also couldn't help myself, and a few hours before upload I wrote a mesh importer/exporter for a blob archive. Now all meshes are imported from the same file, making my life as a packager a lot simpler. It was easy to write the importer and exporter and geometry worked fine, but I couldn't get it to shade properly. It took me over an hour to fix this and now I have much better understanding of Irrlicht materials. Using my new hard earned knowledge, I adjusted lighting a little. It is not a new lights setup, just the parameters were adjusted and the world seems to be just a little more alive. Lighting is subjective and some may not like this change, but I think it is a nice first step. No screenshots for you. You'll have to download and see it in action.


  1. Hiya,

    Just a quick bug report.

    If you hold down right-click to select an area and let go outside of the window it crashes.

    Also its a bit confusing having the launcher named DFEditor.exe, but maybe thats just me.

    Also I couldn't find any information on the actual controls for the demo. Perhaps a small readme.txt or something on the indiedb website giving control information in one place that is easy to find.

    1. Thank you for the bug report!

      "If you hold down right-click to select an area and let go outside of the window it crashes."

      I know about this bug. It has never crashed for me, but letting go outside the window confuses the mouse and selection mechanism. I'll investigate the crash and maybe find a workaround for this, but it is difficult.

      "Also its a bit confusing having the launcher named DFEditor.exe."

      Yes, for the next snapshot I'll call it Launcher.exe.

      "Perhaps a small readme.txt or something on the indiedb website giving control information in one place that is easy to find."

      Well bellow the download link is a description box. In this description you have "Please read the instructions bellow before you proceed." and a link called "Read more". If you click on it you have a lengthy instructional plus a link to an additional tutorial.

    2. Ahha that's right there is, my bad. Though A readme with the download would still be a good idea I think - for derps like me.

    3. OK. For snapshot 4 I'll copy the text to the content of the archive so everybody can read it offline if they wish.

  2. I hope the part about the virus was a joke?

    1. A Trojan actually. None of my machines are infected with it, but the contents of the ZIP was. I blame MegaUpload!

      A quick system scan on your behalf wouldn't hurt. I don't know how good Avira is, but it is free and has detected this Trojan.

      But now with both me and IndieDB scanning for viruses such problems should be avoided.

    2. My Kaspersky didn't discover anything, and it might "just" be the ads on the site:

    3. I think we are safe! :)

      Anyway, what are you doing with Snapshot 2? Tomorrow I'm uploading Snapshot 4.