Tuesday, November 9, 2010

September and October in review

Are you familiar with the concept of a release report? Well, I won’t do something as dire here, but once in a while, more precisely at the end of a month or two of development, I’ll put a few words on paper. I’ll try to be as short as a dwarf but less inebriated. Not because I am trying not to be, but there is just no alcohol around here right now.
I wanted to do this at the end of September, but that was when the change from 2D to isometric happened, so it was not a good moment. I also wanted to add a few tables, with features broken down and with percentages relative to their completion given. But how about I skip the bureaucratics? So I’ll use a short bulleted list with major things that are done:
·         Basic game engine that is capable of rendering and populating multiple Z levels, but movement is restricted to just one
·         Basic editor
·         Scheduling of digs, channeling, plant harvesting and wood cutting
·         Plants and trees
·         A few info screens
·         INI file support for multiple rendering backbends
·         Other things that I forget but are in previous posts
·         And XML support!!!
Oh gosh, I forgot about XML support in my previous post. Since I want to publish the editor ASAP, the very frequent change to the data that is serialized is not that advantageous. The serialization format is very fast and painless to use, but it is very sensitive to data changes. So for now both the editor and the game will use XML to try and obtain a minimum backwards compatibility. This was done in the same timeframe as the previous post, but I am not going to edit it.
Not short enough!
Features planned for November:
·         Food and wood stockpiles
·         Stone deposits while digging
·         Butchering of animals
·         And maybe a few wood products

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