Wednesday, November 10, 2010

16 – Is that wood in your stockpile?

As you saw from previous screenshots, I am going with a fixed key/function system. “1” is always digging. The keys are going to change maybe and it is going to be hard to add all actions to easily reachable keys without overwhelming the player, but it is a good system. I think I should get rid of the right panel and go with something that takes less place though.
So I have a new action, “5”: wood stockpile. This will designate your selection as an empty wood stockpile. I have a hidden cheat key that places a single log in an empty stockpile. No, you won’t get to use the cheat key. It is only available in super secret God mode. I will demonstrate this with a video. Next step that is not implemented yet is to place the logs as trees are being cut down.
This time I captured my video with Fraps. It was slightly problematic because the captured video was 2.5 GiB and YouTube only allows 2 GiB files. But I downloaded a conversion tool and got it down to 93 MiB so no problem! YouTube took a few hours to process my video, so I waited with the post until it was done. I am not completely happy with the quality yet. And as you can see, the resolution is different now. I have added support to the INI file for resolution and full screen flag. You can give any resolution if you are not running in full screen. Someday this will be available in game.
There is also a new mini feature. The editor now allows you to customize the names of you skill levels and also the maximum value for skills. They are no longer hardcoded:

So now, without further a due, the video:
Same as the last time, I have added a disclaimer because I am still using Stonesense tiles for demo purposes, but I do have some original graphics mixed in there.
This video has been produced by using a version of DwarvesH and modifying it by applying the tiles form Stonesense (­p?topic=43260.0) only for the purpose of creating an early demo video. DwarvesH is not available in any form with the tiles from Stonesense by default officially or unofficially and does not assume any right to use them. The process can be repeated by anyone by downloading both applications and using a simple image editing tool to selectively change the tiles from DwarvesH with those from Stonesense or the tiles from Stonesense with those from DwarvesH.

Statistics S34:
DHCore: 1522 lines / 37.0 KiB / 6 files
DH: 2034 lines / 52.2 KiB / 10 files
DHEditor: 613 lines / 16.1 KiB / 13 files
Total: 4169 lines / 105.3 / 29 files

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