Wednesday, November 24, 2010

18 - Stockpile overload

What is a good use for stockpiles? Drawing it seems. I’ve added the general stockpile categories when creating a new stockpile:

There is going to be some tweaking to these categories, but you can use it to draw stuff:

Every stockpile has its own color. I could probably do a better job of picking the colors, but I use Microsoft Paint for my image editing needs and these are some of the default colors.

In the next image there is a lot going on. I have designated a large area for cutting down trees. As a new feature, every single log that has resulted from a cut down tree is visible by the tree trunk. They are removed one by one. Six dwarves are still busy chopping down trees while the last one is hauling logs from near tree trunks to the wood stockpile. You can see that he has a log in his hands and he has already placed two logs in the stockpile:

Once the cutting is done, everyone gets busy filling up that stockpile:

Alas, the stockpile is too small and I needed to add a second one so that all the logs could be placed:

This process took quite a while and I’m looking to speed it up. Generally, I am happy with the idea of time compression but not with the implementation. It is at the first iteration so no worries. You know what is not at the first iteration? The scheduling algorithm. I get the feeling that I rewrite the damn thing two times a day.
Besides the improved scheduler, there are some small performance tweaks. When enabling full map rendering you should get a few extra FPS (5 with software rendering at 720p on of my machines). Also some small interface improvements.
Next time: workshops!
Statistics S41:
DHCore: 1881 lines / 45.9 KiB / 10 files
DH: 2205 lines / 54.6 KiB / 12 files
DHEditor: 612 lines / 16.0 KiB / 13 files
Total: 4698 lines / 116.5 / 35 files

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