Monday, October 18, 2010

12 – More plants

Yes, I am going to talk about plants again! Deal with it! These plants are taking up some serious development time. I bet I'll have to say this about every single element of the game.

But just to take a little break from plants, I also did something else: I improved the performance of the rendering. With the help of the ever popular INI file format, one can now change the rendering back end. DirectX is going to be default, but on a few systems DirectX doesn't seems to work as good as software rendering, so you'll have the choice to use it. I usually test in software rendering mode and on modern computers you can get 80-100 FPS. But with the new optimization, I counted exactly 12 extra frames. Not meaningful for fast computers, but I guess I just enabled DwarvesH to run on a few extra computers. Still, text rendering is very slow for some reason and when I bring up some text heavy screen, there is actually a FPS drop. Got to investigate why.

So, back to plants. There is a new screen which allows you to inspect your harvested plants stockpiles:

Right now it is empty, but after harvesting a screen's full of bushes we can see our stockpiles changing live:

There are also a few basic tooltips giving you a little information about what you have harvested. This window need a lot of extra features, but it will do for now:

I would like to add here some useful icons, like if the plant can be grown in your current climate, if it is edible and also allow you to queue up the products that can be made from them. As for actually doing something with the plants, that is something for the next post. So next post is about plants...

There is also a similar view for your tree stockpiles:

Statistics S26:
3841 loc/ 102.7 KiB/ 24 files

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