Tuesday, October 12, 2010

11 – (Dragon) Plants and Z (level)

So, let us see how the world looks today:

A few changes can be seen, the biggest being the elevation. There are only two levels for now, but with the change to an isometric perspective, there won’t be hundreds of levels above ground because levels tend to be quite high. Visibility would be severely impacted. But this doesn’t cause troubles for underground levels. There are also a few trees visible. And the plant diversity is seemingly reduced. I’ll explain why latter. But first, let us look and the generalized selection mechanism:

A few patches of land have been selected. On the right side you can see the available actions for your selection. Pressing “3” will trigger the plants in all selected areas to be added to the harvesting designation. The plants are highlighted with green:

The selection mechanism is Z-level aware. You can see how the above levels block the view of your selection:

This is a good feature, but sometimes you just want to see your current level. Let us enable only the current level for rendering:

Aha!!! So this is where the missing plants have gone to. Nasty little buggers! Got to disable the “legs” option in the editor for all plants. Plants now take into account biome options and cave plants grow in cave areas. And yes, that is an extremely rectangular cave!
Statistics S23:
3604 lines of code in 24 files
96.2 KiB code


  1. xanokothe@gmail.comOctober 13, 2010 at 9:16 AM

    Great job! Do you have a version to publish? Where did you get the sprites? Thanks!

  2. Hi! Glad you like it!

    My first comment!

    I could publish anytime, but I would like to get a version with at least a minimal set of features, so I don't think I'll have anything meaningful before December (or early spring).

    I detailed how I got the sprites in an earlier post. Basically I borrowed them from Stonesense only for the purpose of some demo pictures and videos. I am looking forward to getting my own tile set ready.