Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scheduler is back!!!

Proper introduction some other time. Today only short video. No more work today.

I added a temporary tool for direct movement commands. Since direct movement was not present before, I added a new kind of task for it. Here is the source code:

class DirectMoveFilter: public ClearingTaskFilter {
DirectMoveFilter() {
smart = true;
single = true;
virtual bool TestDwarf(const Dwarf& aD) const {
return true;
virtual bool IsValidSource(Point3D aP) const {
return DH::Cell(aP).IsWalkable();
virtual void OnSuccess(Dwarf& aD, Point3D aP) const {


  1. I don't remember seeing you comment on this...

    Have you seen this upcoming game by Paradox?

    1. Yes I know about it. Absolutely horrible news. Will probably kill this project :). Have a plan B but not sure I'm willing to tackle that.

    2. Oh I wouldn't be to scared by the other game. From what I read I think that both games differ a lot. If you resist to give up their might actually be two games worth playing! Personally as a passionate hobby game developer I'm very excited about your progress!