Thursday, February 23, 2012

77 – Wait... didn't I do this before?

Do you remember my first video ever?

I recreated the video with the 3D engine:

There is not much to say about digging that I did not say before. Creation mode is now split from normal mode and you can switch between the two modes. Sleeping has been disabled for this video. I think that half height walls support should be added to the 3D engine too. They are not so vital like in the isometric one, but still. I tweaked the interface a little and added progress bars to tasks.

Something must be done to unify the interface. What works for creation mode does not work that well for normal mode.

But the scheduler works great. Adding back all the actions is just a matter of having all the right meshes and going over the task filters to make sure that they still do the correct thing.

I'll add back tasks one at a time in preparation of a real demo that is basically the 2D engine at its high point converted to 3D. And I'm hopping next snapshot will be public on Monday.

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