Thursday, September 13, 2012

Visiting ye U.S.A!

Last time you heard from me I was preparing to leave for an early weekend. I was at a music festival. It was great! This being an unplanned vacation plus the Monday after the weekend having zero productivity caused by a whole night of driving back (I wasn't doing the driving, but still) left me a little bit behind schedule at work so I had to push hard in this rather busy period. Thus I did not really have time to work on the game, this being the first week I managed to get some work done.

Meanwhile, I also had to visit our glorious capital to get my VISA. Because I am visiting the United States of America on a business trip. I'll be leaving on this Saturday and will be staying about 11 days!

Now after giving up parts of my civil rights and having my finger prints taken, I hope that the rest of the stereotypical image that Europeans have about Americans turns out to be just that: a stereotype and I am going to have a great time in America!

BTW, if you never hear again from me, it means that (at least) one of the six planes that I will be taking has crashed. God forbid! I do not like flying. International diplomatic airport incident, here I come!

But as said, I did get some good work done this week and I'll post about that, maybe on my flight. It is a very long flight and I'll probably get bored shitless. Do they serve alcohol on planes? In abundance?

But before that, I am going to post something else. Being that busy at work these days, I was in no mood to go home and code some more on the game, instead trying to use my free time for entertainment purposes. I played some Guild Wars 2, and I am going to write my impressions about it. It will not be a review, because: a. I am not a reviewer; b. I did not "finish" the game yet.


  1. > Do they serve alcohol on planes? In abundance?

    Yes, but they'll stop you when you get tipsy.