Tuesday, August 21, 2012

84 – A good second week (and uninspired title)

So I continued development and got this result:

This blog now only has a fraction of its former reader base, mainly due to the months of inactivity, but also because of thematic change of the game, so this is mostly a rhetoric question: does it look bigger? I think it looks bigger. Not huge, but a lot bigger. So surprisingly, the world size is now only 51200x51200x4000. So the volume is significantly smaller, yet it seems larger. Magic! Or the illusion of size has been created by scaling things differently. One of the two. I can't remember.

You may also notice something else in the video: basic physics. A few bugs here and there, but it was a good first try. I am using BEPUphysics (I swear, they spelled it like that to immensely upset compulsive obsessive spelling and capitalization nazzis). I have nothing to compare it too because I have no prior experience with physics (except for a little Unity), but it seems to work pretty good and fast.

Now, let's make it a little more interesting. We take an intentionally smaller for testing purposes landscape, and create little terraces in it:

Then we add small foundations in the terraces:

Now we can add small pillars in the corners of the foundations:

And finally place a roof on top of each structure: 

This forms our primordial procedural city. These placeholders will be replaced with proper buildings at one point.

Then we do the rest of the housekeeping tasks: add some color to the building blocks, re-enable grass and make sure it does not grow under a foundation and finally add barrels to the whole thing. Because barrels, that's my thing apparently.

And of course, we physics-enable the whole map:

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