Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Second Presentation & Tutorial

And here is the video that I promised, featuring the new incarnation of the tree system. The new trees have leaves that advance naturally from season to season and that can be harvested. Additionally, tree cutting has a new phase and is now a two step process: cutting down the tree and chopping it into smaller logs.

I would love to go into depth, describing every new feature, but I am leaving again on holiday.  I know that I came back from my last holiday only a week ago. Well, what can I say? The life of a game developer with dwarves is the life of a rockstar!

I'll leave you with the video which has annotations, giving you a few more details.


  1. what happen to the leaves when harvested? are they placed into the dwarf's inventory, or places on the ground like the wood?

  2. Looks good, I do wonder what one would do with leaves, though. Make a bed? Build a fire?

  3. I hope you go on with this work, looks nice! But i think the dwarves are a bit to fast.

  4. Neat! looks nice.
    can you harvest all types of leaves or just the edible ones? can you store them- like you store logs in piles?
    looking forward to trying out this game!

  5. To Anonymous #1:
    Right now they are added to the inventory (still no graphical visualization for a dwarf's inventory, but it is getting there). This is only temporary. In the future leaves will be deposited on the ground near the tree or a nearby stockpile that accepts leaves. The temporary solution was used because of the graphics; I don't have tiles yet for a leaf stockpile with different levels of “fullness”. I don't know how visible it is from the video, but tree tiles are brand new and slowly I am trying to transition to 100% original graphic assets.

    To Anonymous #2:
    Currently planned used for leaves are beds (making them softer) and cooking (either as a food source or components in recipes). But I like your idea as a fuel. Maybe you will be able to use leaves as fuel to kick start fuel industry.

    To Anonymous #3:
    I am still working on the balance. It will take a lot of time to mature and I'll add a speed slider because I doubt I’ll find a fell for the time passage that will satisfy everyone.

    To Anonymous #4:
    You can harvest all types of leaves. You will be able to store them. I am not sure if I want to differentiate between green and brown leaves. Probably not.

  6. Looks like there are exciting feats ahead :)
    Looking forward to the stockpiles and piles of leaves.

    As for the differentiation - it would be fun to have green leaves and brown ones. maybe for some species you an only eat the green ones; or maybe the green ones have more nutritious values while the brown ones burn better. You might need to set a time between when leaves are green and when they turn brown.
    Just my random ideas..

    Anonymous #4