Thursday, September 23, 2010

08 – Santa Claus is coming tonight

It seems that the number of prerequirements before I can get to the meat of the game never seems to get any smaller. With the ability to harvest plants the world needs to be able to regenerate these plants. From here to implementing basic seasons is just a small step. Which I took. So I wanted to upload a video of seasons changing to show how the world progressively is covered by snow and then in spring the snow melts and plants show up. But on this computer I was no able to capture video with the required frame rate and most of the phasing from grass to snow was lost. This may be due to the fact that DwarvesH is eating up most of my processing power. Oh well, a picture can say a thousand words or something like that.

Let us start with winter. The fairly typical scenery is covered by patches of snow:

As time passes, more and more snow is able to get a hold of the surroundings and plants start to die. If you don’t have enough supplies this would be the perfect moment for a desperate harvesting spree:

And here we ore in the 23rd of December, with snow cowering everything and bowing down to no one except the infinite power of Santa Claus (I know that it should be the 24th, but I’m not retaking the screenshot only for that):

But here comes early spring:

…followed by the total melting of snow and the first plants:

With one month of development approaching fast, I would like to have at least the ability to harvest plants, cut down trees and designate stockpiles. Oh yeah, and digging! (about done with that)

Statistics S14:
3087 lines of code in 23 files
80.0 KiB of code

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