Monday, June 27, 2011

Screens of the day 10 - Procedural grassy floors

Like wow! Two posts in the same day. I am too excited to keep this under wraps until I try something meaningful in game with it. But please remember, two posts today. Keep them views rolling!

I went on to apply the same algorithm to grassy floors. These images having a different content, the parameters of the algorithm should be adjusted. But I could play around all day with them and not necessarily find something I consider close to optimal. So I just went with random parameters. Isn't it ironic that the choice of parameters that will define random transitions is left up to fate?

Here are four screenshots with one of the floors:

This is my favorite soil floor, visually speaking. Darker floors don't seem to get along that well with these parameters:

Grey floors seem foggy, almost surrealistic like this:

And finally, my least favorite soil, again not flattered by the parameter selection. I have a hard time deciding if this or the dark brown one is the worst looking:


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  1. guess it depends on if you are planning on being able to pick any biome on the planet like DF. the bottom would work for a bog or a swamp or something great.